Simple Tips On Designing A Business Card

A business card may be just a little cardboard that you give during meetings and events, but it can spell lots of things about you. Business card is both a marketing collateral and a branding tools. By giving this out to important people, you are introducing your company subtlety and making you a top-of-mind choice for future dealings.

That is why it is a must that you design an outstanding business card that speaks of your professionalism and business etiquette. Here are some design tips that you can follow:

  • Know what details to put

Your calling card is first and foremost the information source. You have to make sure that your contact details are there for the intended audience to see. Before you proceed with the layout, check other business cards and see what details should be seen on a card. But do not overdo it. Just choose the primary information where you can be reached easily.


  • Design creatively but with a touch of simplicity

Simplicity is always the key in any design concept, especially the ones with max limitations. You have to find a way to design creatively without compromising the design quality. The information that will be printed on your business card should be the “hero” of the show and design should emphasize the hero instead of outshining it.


  • Consider the printer

More than the design, you should also take into consideration the printer company that will do the printer. Inquire on several companies that offer business cards printing in Dubai and see the quality of printing and the types of paper that they use for their business cards. The common types are matte and glossy papers. But you can also consider specialty papers. Embellished and specialty papers can help make your business card stand out. Just be careful on choosing the right type of paper as it can make or break your design.


  • Do not forget the branding opportunities

As mentioned, business cards is a branding tool used to introduce the company to people. So be sure to incorporate them on the design. Also, checked with the printing company in Dubai and have them do a test run to see if they get the right pantone of your brand colors.


  • Do not forget the technicalities

Remember that business cards have a specific specification that needs to be followed. You have to take into consideration that card holders that will house your card once you gave it to someone.