Flowers That Can Be Good Alternative To Roses

Roses are a staple order in flower shops and gifting boutiques. Their beauty is undeniable and incomparable. But sometimes, you need to veer from the usual and go for something different to surprise that special someone.

If you are looking into giving some an outstanding flower arrangement, here are some alternative to roses that you can request when you order flowers online in Dubai:

  • Sunflowers

A burst of yellow blooms provided by the sunflower is a good contrast to the deep reds given by red roses. Giving a bouquet of sunflowers can give a smile to anyone’s face. Sunflowers can be used to in flower arrangement in many ways. It can either be a standalone piece or be included with other blooms. The good thing about sunflowers is that it can last long so you can appreciate them for a much longer time.


  • Orchids

Orchids are not just a good floral addition to your gardens but also an excellent alternative to roses. The elegance provided by this bloom is outstanding. Like sunflowers, it can be used as the sole bloom for the bouquet but also paired with other floras. You can also give them in a pot so the person can use this as a centerpiece in their home. It can also last longer than your standard bouquet.


  • Hyacinths

The sweet-smelling scent of hyacinths reminds everyone of expensive perfumes. Apart from their scents, this bloom’s stunning beauty come in different shades which is a beauty to look at. It can be a sweet romantic gift to a special someone. It can be a good appreciation present to individuals who are feeling down. The scent of hyacinths is a perfect mood enhancer.


  • Tulips

Tulips is known to represent the “perfect love” so it is the perfect piece to give to a special someone. They are the second popular choice next to roses, and for good reason. Aside from what it symbolizes, tulips come in different colors and variety. You can use a single color for the entire arrangement or use it other flowers. Nonetheless, they can be beautiful on their own right.


  • Lilies

Lilies are wedding favorites but they can also be a better alternative to roses. Their beauty is inspiring and could lighten up someone else’s mood. They also come in different varieties and colors that can be combined. Lilies symbolizes purity which can be a perfect gift for friends as well.

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