School Prepping Tips For The Holidays

With the Holidays just around the corner, kids are looking forward to a long vacation. This would mean no assignments, no school projects, and no studying for them. But even though it is the Holidays, you need to ensure that they are on top of their game, so when the season is over, they will not be rusty in terms academics.

It might be a little hard to motivate the kids to study during these times. If you are planning to keep them ahead in their studies, here are some simple tips from top British schools in Dubai for parents on helping their kids study during the holidays:

  • Know if they have assignments for the Holidays

Although the general rule of most academic institution is to give their students a full break during the holidays, there are some instructors who still give their pupils something to do during vacation. However, due to excitement, kids tend to forget these assignments. Even before the vacation starts, be sure to ask your kid if he has homework to do for the Holidays. Knowing if they have assignments would help you remind them allot time to finish those and not cram on finishing it before the school starts again.


  • Make it light

If you and your kids have a routine study schedule, you can deviate a little for the holidays. Give them the liberty manage their time on finishing their assignments, if they have any. You need to understand that they are already in the vacation mode and it would be hard for you to motivate them to study. Let them study in their own time, but be sure to monitor their progress.


  • Make it fun

Whenever kids hear the word “school” during vacations, they tend to get a little bit annoyed and disinterested. Allow some fun and excitement on their Holiday study time. This might be the time where they can watch some TV or movie while doing their assignments, but it is the Holidays. Let them have some enjoyment just for this season. Going back to restricted routine would only make them feel like they are not vacation and it can affect the way they do their homework.


  • Allow breaks

Since it is vacation, allow your kid to go on breaks and not think about school. Like adults, they need some time to recharge and forget about their school issues and worries. As simple as going out with friends would help them take away their minds from anything related to school.

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