3 Questions You Absolutely Need to Ask your Painting Contractor

Are you thinking of hiring home painters in Dubai to revamp the look and feel of your house? Here are a few questions you absolutely need to ask painting contractors before selecting a viable one for the job:

  1. Are You Insured?

As a consumer, it is not advisable to seek the services of a painting contractor in Dubai that doesn’t have any insurance policies in place. If you harbor doubts regarding the validity of a contractor’s insurance, it’s prudent to confirm if it is an active, current policy by calling up the insurance carrier. Before you finalize a painting contractor, you have a right to confirm their insurance. Uninsured contractors may try to pull the following tricks on you:

  • Evade your questions altogether or just tell you that they are indeed insured, so that you would let the subject rest.
  • Change the dates on a policy which has expired, hoping you won’t dig further into the matter.
  • Try to pass off their health or auto insurance as being “insured.”
  1. Can I Rest Easy Knowing That Your Crew Is In My House?

This inquiry gets to the roots of who will be performing the painting tasks within your premises and whether they can be trusted with your house and your belongings. Unfortunately, there have been countless cases of employees of a hired contractor having killed, injured, or burglarized the owner of the house. Even worse, it often comes to pass later that the offender had skeletons in their closet or a criminal background unbeknownst to contractors. Be sure to ask the contractor about their hiring policies and how they conduct criminal background checks and screening before hiring an employee. Once you are assured of the fact that the contractor adheres to rigorous screening procedures, you can rest easy knowing that your house is safe.

  1. Are The Workers On My Project Subcontractors Or Employees?

A lot of painting contractors have take to working with subcontractors instead of hiring employees, since it is more pocket friendly. Subcontractors simply ask for a flat fee, without the contractor having to pay for employee benefits or for social security taxes. However, beware of soliciting the services of contractors that capitalize on subcontractors, because:

  • Contractors often try to find subcontractors that ask for the lowest possible fee so that they can make the job more lucrative. This can lower the quality of work produced.
  • Since the subcontractor is not paid hourly and gets a fixed fee, they won’t have scruples in cutting corners to finish the job as soon as they can.
  • When contractors work with subcontractors, it escalates the likelihood that they lack workmen’s compensation insurance.