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Characteristics Of An Excellent Interior Designer

Interior designers play an important part on the success or failure of your space’s look and design. So, it is must that you find the right one to handle this creative but crucial project

If you are currently on the look out for an excellent designer, be sure to check if they have the following traits:

  • Experience in his field

All clients who are getting the services of a professional is always looking a person with wealth of experience. In the field of interior design, this is a big plus. This would mean that the interior designer is capable of handling clients with different requirements. Their experience would also speak on how they are handling projects and their design capability which is honed by time and experience. But do not discount the new designer in the job market. These newbies are persistent and enthusiastic and might bring something new to the table.


  • Excellent design skills

Of course, this would be a given trait for designers. Whether they are doing a simple kitchen design in Dubai or design a commercial space, their eye for design must be apparent on their portfolio. Technically, they should hit the right specs. In terms of creative, they should be able to provide outstanding design that speaks of their ability but also meet the client’s requirements. They should be also updated on the latest design trends. The interior design industry is fast-paced industry and it is the obligation of every interior designer to update themselves and see to it that their designs follow the trend.


  • Flexibility and ability to adapt

A lot of interior designers have their “specialization” or areas where they excel. Some are very conversant on office design Dubai clients want and some are more comfortable on designing commercial space. But whether they are more comfortable on certain areas, they should be able to deliver superb design aesthetic as per the client requirement. Flexibility and adaptability are highly regarded traits the clients look for a professional.


  • Superb management skills

Interior designer is not just a designer but a team leader as well. He will be the ones to lead the project based on his design. He must have the ability to handle a team and solve crisis when needed. His respect for timelines should be taken into account as well.


  • A good communicator

Designers plays different roles and one of them is being a communicator. He is tasked to present his designs to clients and other stakeholders and also communicate his design with his team of contractors. He should be able to communicate his ideas and instructions well to persons involved in the project.

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