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How to Select the Best Exhibition stand Builder?

Here’s what you should consider when shopping around for exhibition stand builders to create a viable display for your projects:

  • Does The Company Sub-Contract?

Whether the company you are consorting with subcontracts out to other contractors can have a major impact on the finished quality and the overall cost associated with your display stand. Some companies only design the exhibition stand for you and then subcontract the actual building job to some other firm. In case of such as arrangement, you can end up paying 20% more than if you were to hire the services of an exhibition contractor who is willing to build, design, and install your exhibition display stand, without going outside their workforce. It also becomes extremely difficult for your chosen company to manage deadlines and quality when other sub-contractors are involved in building your tradeshow booth.  Not to mention, fickle customers are known to demand last minute changes to their original plan, which becomes difficult to communicate across to different firms involved.

  • Don’t Just Go For the Cheapest

When setting aside a budget for your exhibition display stand, keep the age-old adage in mind: “you get what you pay for”. While finding a builder that caters to your budget is imperative, beware of ways in which less than credible contractors initially appear to cost less than their contenders, but bombard you with hidden charges as the project progresses along. Even minor changes to the display case suddenly translate into staggering extra charges and disproportionate cost increases which are unaccounted for. Such companies will let you believe that you are garnering a complete exhibition stand, only to discover later that you only own a small proportion of it, and still need to factor in future hire costs.

  • Has The Contractor Acquired Any Membership Or Accreditations?

Always prefer companies who have attained accreditation or membership of a credible trade body, such as ESSA (Events Supplier and Services Association) or IEAA (International Association of Exhibitions and Events). Such credentials help you breathe more easily with regards to the financial management, service, and quality of work of the firm.

  • What do Their Past Clients Have to Say about Them?

Ask the firm for a list of their past and existing customers and speak to them to glean an insight into the performance and reliability of the firm. Question them on customer service, finishes, quality, and any cost increases they experienced as the contract proceeded. It’s also important to inquire into the temperament of the firm regarding last minute alterations and how strictly the firm honored deadlines and promises. Click here to learn more about hiring a viable exhibition display builder.

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