Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Kids Neurologist

Are you in the throes of selecting a viable kids neurologist in Dubai? Here are a few questions you must absolutely ask the specialist before entrusting them with the treatment of your little one:

  • Do You Have Experience Dealing With My Child’s Particular Condition?

If your little one is suffering from a rare or uncommon condition, it is indispensable to ask the pediatric neurologist if they have experience caring for other kids with this condition. A clinic or specific program dedicated to this condition is a bonus, since its doctors and staff are drilled in the day-to-day life with the condition, and often connect you with other parents so that you can share your reservations with them. In addition, you should also ask the specialist how many patients they deal with in a day as it makes you analyze their popularity.

  • Apart From the Child Neurologist, Who Else Would Be On The Care Team?

While a well-endowed and knowledgeable child neurologist is your main priority, ask the institution if there are dedicated nurse practitioners in the team to help you cope with your child’s care. A pediatric neuropsychologist should also be included in the team to deal with related medical conditions, such as urologic or respiratory problems. It’s important to inquire if appropriate specialists would be part of the team designed to oversee your child’s care, and whether you will receive help in coordinating your child’s care.

  • Does Your Neurologist Provide Family Support?

While finding an erudite and knowledgeable medical team is your main goal, also inquire into staff such as resource specialists or social workers. They can aid you in transitioning your child back to school, connect you with community services such as early intervention, provide you with day-to-day coping tips, and also help you glean special education services.

  • Has Your Institution Been Involved In Clinical Trials Or Active Research Studies For This Condition?

Academic hospitals catering to a wide array of diverse patients suffering from a host of specific disorders often have specialized research programs, specifically designed to comprehend the biology of the condition, often via genetic testing. Hospitals may participate in company-sponsored or multi-center trails, and researchers are also permitted to start their own clinical trial.

  • Does Your Program/Practice Share Precise Outcome Measures?

Before you select a particular program, it’s important to know if it tracks patients in a registry and shares specific outcome measures with national studies and groups and other institutions. Visit website to know all about specific programs suited for your child.

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