Basic Document Checklist For US Immigration Application

The United States of America offers amazing opportunities to its citizens and immigrants. This first-world country has been a top immigrant destination due to the advantages it offers.

But getting in is not as simple as ABC. There is a process that you need to go through and papers that you need to collate and collect to be able to apply for an immigration visa. Here are some of the basic documents you need:

  • Passport

The passport is the basic requirement for processing any travel and immigration papers. In case of US immigration in Abu Dhabi, you need to have a valid passport that has a validity period of six month or beyond. US immigrants are usually valid for six months and it will be subjected for renewal. So it would be best to secure a visa with the required validity period on the onset of the application. Passports who are nearing the expiry date would likely not to get approved upon the initial checking and interview.


  • Birth Certificate

Like the passport, your birth certificate is one of the primary documents that will be asked from you. Before you proceed with the application, be secure the original copy as the immigration office would likely to ask that from you. If you married, divorced, separated, or widowed, it would be best to secure documents related to your civil and marital status that would serve as your proof of identity. Have them photocopied and scanned before submission.


  • Proof of Family Relationship and Affidavit of Support

US immigration office requires immigrant application to have a sponsor from the USA that would support their application, mostly a relative. Once you have a definite sponsor for your application, be sure to send proof of family relationship along with the Affidavit of Support form that will be filled up and signed by the applicant and signed by the sponsor relative in the US. Check the form and fill up the necessary fields. You might need to inform your prospective sponsor about the document that needs to be signed by them. If you are going to live with your sponsor, be sure to ask their complete address and contact details as the immigration office would need a US mailing address for your application.


  • Recent photos

Photos are also considered as your identification proof. But this are not just some photos that you capture with your camera. There are specification needed for the photos that must be followed strictly. Ask your consultants about the photo requirements.


  • Medical examination

US immigration requires all applicants to undergo medical examination on their assigned and designed facilities to check they are health and not carrying any diseases when they enter the country. Be sure to ask the immigration office about the scheduled medical exams and their recommended facilities.

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